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Like many hard pressed sysadmins, over the years I have written a number of applets to help me with my network management. I've collected them together and I'm putting them on Sourceforge in the hope that they will be useful to others. I'm sure many of these apps have been independantly invented many times, and I'm not claiming that my versions are better than anyone elses. However all of these apps I use on a daily basis and they've all been tested over many years.

The apps are all command line, but because I've got fed up of scrolling command windows up and down some of the apps accept a flag "--gui" that makes them create a window and send the output to the window instead of the command line. See the app source for a readme file that gives a detailed description of the app.

The apps that might run into long filename problems are UNICODE and will accept the \\?\ prefix to allow filenames longer than 260 characters.

This is a work in progress. See the list below for the contents of this collection and which apps I will be adding in the future.

John Rennie
19th June 2009

Released apps

Compare two directories (including all subdirectories).
Show the ACL on a directory and all subdirectories. I know CACLs already does this, but I find the output from CACLS almost incomprehensible!
Takes a directory as an argument and lists all the subdirectories with the number of files and total size of each subdirectory.
Replicates a source directory to a destination directory by copying new and modified files, and deleting files in the destination that have been deleted from the source.
Find a file or folder using it's name and optionally a modified date.
Search for text in a file(s). Takes wildcards and can search subdirectories. optionally with a modified date.
Shows files opened across the network and can optionally force any connections closed.
Show the ACL on a registry key and subkeys.
Connect to a POP3 server and list mails, delete mails etc.
Connect to an SMTP server and send a test message. Shows the SMTP protocol responses so you can see errors like relaying denied.
FTP directory listing: optionally recursive.
Set the system time from an SNTP source.
Gets the text returned by a HTTP URL including all the headers. Useful for debugging.
Listens on any selected port (normally 80) and prints everything received through that port to the console. Useful for debugging web services as you can see exactly what was in the HTTP request.
Disk speed tester. Everyone has written one of these that they think best tests disk speeds. Diskthrasher has been tested on several dozen different Dell servers and seems to correlate well with the day to day speed of the server.

Apps yet to be released

Registry search tool that uses regular expressions.
httpget and httppost
Get a HTTP(S) URL, optionally saving to a file. The apps differ only in that httppost uses a POST request so you can use it to simulate a form submission.
ftpget and ftpput
Get a file from or put a file to an FTP server.
Removable Storage Manager applet. Connects to RSM and displays tape info. NB RSM isn't installed by default on Windows 2008.
Like rsmutil but it uses the Win32 tape APIs instead of the Removable Storage Manager so it will work on 2k8 even if RSM isn't installed.
Last updated: 19th June 2009 - John Rennie